The Maritime Amateur

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Maritime Silent Keys 2008-2015

If you have any information on Maritime Silent Keys, send them to [email protected]

If there is an "ex" in front of the call sign the amateur released the call sign and may be reissued to anther ham.


Stephen Duffy VE9DUF Dec.30th/15 Bouctouche NB

Abbie Ross VE1BFB Dec.26th/15 Two Islands NS

Robert Leahy VE1DF Dec.18th/15 Stewiacke NS

Bernard R. McKeough VE1AYO Dec.14th/15 New Glasgow NS

John Veinott VE1JBV Dec.5th/15 Centre Burlington NS

Robert "Gint" MacKenzie VE1FT Dec.2nd/15 Sydney NS

Donald W. MacRitchie VE9ZP Nov.23rd/15 Fredericton NB

Edward Bridgeo VE9ED Oct.3rd/15 Jonesport ME.

Douglas A. Stallard VE1PG Oct.1st/15 New Glasgow NS

Wayne Skidmore VE9WFS Sep.30th/15 Noonan NB

Ashton "Peter" Harvey VE1UR Sep.27th/15 Bridgewater NS

Joseph A. Vienneau VE9UP Sep.21st/15 Shediac NB

David R. Ingraham VE1DRI Sep.19th/15 Baddeck NS

Joseph Laurie LeBlanc VE9WS Sep.19th/15 London ON.

Donald Taylor VE1DLT Sep.10th/15 Dobson Corner NB

Edward J. Comeau VE1EJC Sep.8th/15 Digby NS

Charles J. Meade VE1AHZ Aug.29th/15 Concession NS

George A Meisner VE1GAM Jul.26th/15 Hebbville NS

Huntley "Red" Holmes N1XLY VE1XLY

Jul.18th/15 Southbury Ct.

Gordon N. Coughlan

VE1AOP Jul.15th/15 Halifax NS

Layton E. Fulton

VE1MT Jul.11th/15 Kentville NS

Edward Eddie Foster VE1EAF Jul.08th/15 Liverpool NS

Wade D. Smith VE1PUD Jun.27th/15 Hopewell NS

George D. I. Crowell

VE1LB Jun.21st/15 Liverpool NS

Barbara Crandall VE1BJC May 16th/15 Amherst NS

Katherine Kay Bower VE1KJB May 14th/15 Shelburne NS

Robert David Armsworthy VE1HOG May 12th/15 Sydney NS

Hazen Smith ex VE1IK May 11th/15 New Glasgow NS

Kenneth Ken Liddard VE1KR May 4th/15 Dartmouth NS

Laurence Larry Ward VA1LW Apr.30th/15 Halifax NS

Roderick D. Smith VE1ALP Apr.13th/15 Dartmouth NS

Claude O.C. Bailey VE1HU Mar.26th/15 Nasonworth NB

Robert W. Burns VE1RWR Mar.25th/15 Waterville NS

Percy B. Waddy VE9PBW Mar.21st/15 Colpitts Settlement NB

Clarence Maxwell Max Witherall VE1XAM Mar.16th/15 Lunenburg NS

James Gerald Fraser VE1EF Mar.08th/15 Upper Musquodoboit NS

David W. Alexander VE9ST Feb.19th/15 Wilson's Beach NB

Roland Rollie J. Smith VE1ROL Feb.6th/15 New Germany NS,%20Roland%20John.html

Wilfrid MacKay Wile VE1BPG / VE1CT Jan.28th/15 Buckfield NS,%20Wilfrid%20MacKay.html

Nigel P. Service VE1NPS Jan.27th/15 Williamswood NS

Harold W. Gammon VE1PM Jan.07th/15 Bathurst NB

John R. Jack Gilholm VE1NE Jan.06th/15 Port Morien NS


Mary Linda MacDonald VE1LYN Dec.27th/14 St Peter's NS

Donald P. Locke VE1BHK Dec.27th/14 Brookfield NS

Harold B Sabean VE1ALU Dec.26th/14 Halifax NS

Leonard F. Gentles VE1LEN Dec.24th/14 Greenwood NS

Rene Deschenes VE1GS Dec.24th/14 Richibouctou-Village NB

Bruce C.M. Shipley VE1PBS Dec.23rd/14 Bear Point NS

Kevin F. Warham VE1KFW Dec.16th/14 Truemanville NS

Thomas J. McDonald VE1TJM Dec.10/14 Truro NS

Gilbert E. Keirstead VE9GK Dec.04/14 Riverview NB

Rev William P. Lonc VE1WPL Nov.27th/14 Pickering ON.

Warren E. Spicer VE1AQU Nov.22/14 New Glasgow NS

John Kurt Arseneault VE1TT Nov.02/14 Kentville NS

Robert G. Johnson VY2RJ Oct.30th/14 Charlottetown PE

Arthur C. Parson VE9ACP Oct.21st/14 formerly of Fredericton NB

Hugh D. Clark VE9HC Oct.20th/14 Hartland NB

Alpheus Guy Nickerson VE1GAN Oct.19th/14 Charleston NS

Walter R. MacLeod VE1WML Oct.06th/14 Liverpool NS

Robert Bob Aggas VE1YQ Oct.06th/14 Truro NS

Raymond Doug Beaman VE1RDB Sep.06th/14 Kingston NS

Bernard Malandain VE9ZI Sep.01st/14 Moncton NB

Malcolm Duncan VE1BZA Aug.02nd/14 Lawrencetown NS

Thomas J.Preston VE1TJP Jul.27th/14 West Brooklyn NS

Richard A. Carr VE9CO Jul.23rd/14 Fredericton NB

Dr. Rafael Candela VE1RFL Jul.22nd/14 Moncton NB

Donald C. Bilensky VE9DCB Jul.11th/14 Fredericton NB

Gerald Gauvin VE9GN Jul.07th/14 Bouctouche NB

Lee Cunningham VE2QA Jun.29th/14 Pointe-a-la-Garde QC.

Clayton A. Demmings VE1AJV Jun.29th/14 Fredericton NB

Harry C. Hillyard VE1PN Jun.23rd/14 Dartmouth NS

William Bill F. Gidney VE1WFG Jun.15th/14 Marshalltown NS

Herbert C. Hedlund VE9HCH Jun.12th/14 Salisbury West NB

Floyd E. Everett VE1KE Jun.10th/14 Victoria Corner NB

Ernie McMurrer VE1ERN May 19th/14 Aylesford NS

C. Malcolm MacQuarrie VE1BHL May15th/14 Truro NS

Claude d'Entremont VE1CD May 7th/14 Middle West Pubnico NS

Wilfred J. Pond

VE9WP Apr.27th/14 Miramichi NB

Ben Romain VE1AMD Mar.22nd/14 MeteghanNS

Stephen K. Price VE3SKP ex VE1RDX Mar.21st/14 Kemptville On.

Melvin C. Lever VE1VX Mar.21st/14 Dartmouth NS

Wilfred P Woody MacDonald VE1FM Mar.15th/14 Trenton NS

Leo Williams VE1TML Mar.10th/14 Lockeport NS

Edgar Big Ed Turner VE1EDT Mar.7th/14 Moser River NS

Peter Haines VE9PV Mar.1st/14 Havelock NB

Letitia Wiseman exVE1YE Feb.20th/14 Sackvlle NB

Douglas Cormier VE3AUC Feb.7th/14 Ottawa ON

Arthur Crowell VE1QO Jan.22nd/14 Yarmouth NS

Eleanor Cottreau VE1AOL Jan.21st/14 Upper Wedgeport NS

James MacEachern VY2UA Jan.11th/14 Charlottetown PE


Barry Hallett VE1MUS Dec.27th/13 Lawrencetown NS

Richard Dick O'Connell VE1LR Dec.18th/13 Dartmouth NS

Weldon Turner VE9WN Dec.17th/13 Moncton NB

John Weir VE1ABV Dec.08th/13 Glace Bay NS

RobertBurke VE1ARK Dec.02nd/13 Moncton NB

Lloyd Smith VA1MAB Dec.01st/13 Amherst NS

Malcolm Redding

VE1IZ Nov.22nd/13 Saint John NB

Robert BennettH VE1KH Nov.11th/13 Middleton NS

Danel Lund VE9KT Nov.09th/13 Sackville NB

Ernest Dugas

VE9EAD Nov.05th13 Grande-Anse NB

Deborah Canning VE1DEB Oct.29th/13 Trenton NS

Lewis Thorpe VE1CA Oct.29th/13 New Minas NS

Don Wilcox

VE1CAF Oct.08th/13 Dartmouth NS

David Hannah VE1DBI Oct.04th/13 Halifax NS

Felix D'eon VE1LY Oct.03/13 West Pubnico NS

Wayne Morg an VE1WSM Sep.30/13 Berwick NS

George Coady VE1HH Sep.05/13 Abercrombie \ Loch Katrine

John Walker VE1JKW Aug.24/13 Trenton NS

Gordon Beaman VE1EO Aug.17/13 Summerside PEI

Fred Allen VE1PBX Jul.28th/13 Lower Sackville NS

Dave Gilmour VE1DSG Jul25th/13 Bridgewater NS

Arnold DeLong VE9VK Jul.14/13 Oromocto NB

Henry Pitre

V9HP Jun.22/13 Dieppe NB

Paul Follini VE1SS June.18/13 Cole Harbour NS

Bernie Fetter VE9XNL Jun.17th/13 Quispamsis NB

Neil Lynch VE9NL Jun.16/13 Fredericton NB

Geoffrey Laurence VE1GWL May21/13 Dartmouth NS

Leonard Engel Hart VY2EH May21/13 Belfast PEI

Wallace Wally Mackenzie VY2MQ May21/13 Charlottetown PEI

Donald Beatty VE1DLB May18/13 Bedford NS

Malcolm Mullen VE1ACE May13/13 Weymouth NS

David Engram VE1DLE May12/13 Halifax NS

David Cuzner VE1CUZ May07/13 Sydney Mines NS

Willian Roger Adams VE1VK May02/13 Kingston NS

Alan Leith VE1AL Apr.11/13 Sydney NS

Allison Harris E1FOG Apr.06/13 Enfield NS

Valmon Leger VE9AZE Mar.18/13 Cocagne NB

Emile Pellerin VE1EM Mar.07/13 Dieppe NB

Roderick Rod Nichols VE1AYP Feb.14/13 Lawrencetown NS

Hazel Brooks VE1ALA Feb.11/13 New Glasgow NS

Muir Smith VE1ATA Feb. 08/13 Halifax NS

Clive Bagley VE1AMZ Jan.29/13 Tantallon NS

James Moores YV2JBM Jan.18/13 Souris PEI

William Willie Hamilton VE1WEH Jan.18/13 Upper Onslow NS

William Bill Drew VE1YY Jan.15/13 Upper Branch NS

MargaretMoran VE1BGV Jan.15/13 Fredericton NB


Douglas MacKenzie VE1CYR Dec.24/12 Beddeck NS

Charles Sonny Greene

VE1ZB Dec.09/12 NorthSydney NS

Lorenzo Paulin VE9PAU Dec.07/12 Tracadie-Sheila NB

Bruce Skiba VE1BBK Nov.27/12 Halifax NS

George Daley VE1PY Nov.14/12 Moncton NB

Leland Anderson VE1AYX Nov.07/12 Stellarton NS

Harold Robinson VE1AFR Oct.29/12 Upper Dyke Village NS

Rose-Marie Fougere VE1UZ Oct.11/12 Shediac NB

Harvey Macleod VE1AMN Sep.22/12 New Glasgow NS

John Newcomb VE1JGN Aug.15/12 Pembroke NS

Elwood MacKay VE1APN VE1APN Aug.13/12 Westville NS

Edna Parkin VE1AXF Aug.03/12 Saint John NB

Joseph Perry VE1WK Jul.21/12 Saint John NB

James Feit VE1JCF June04/12 New Glasgow NS

Anna Hovey VE1TWA May31/12 Hartland NB

Alfred Boyden VE1WR May21/12 Hammonds Plains NS

Robert Johnston VE9EY May10/12 Quispamsis NB

Philip Bagnell VE1CJO Apr.28/12 Sydney NS

Gerald Doyle VE1KB Apr.23/12 Moncton NB

Doris Ogilvie VE1QL Apr.09/12 Fredericton NB

David Hoadley VE1OAK Mar.27/12 Middle Sackville NS

Lloyd Bud Barrett VE1CDA Mar.24/12 Dartmouth NS

Raymond Pup Bailey VE9PUP Mar.08/12 Fredericton NB

Gilbert White VE1GHW Mar.03/12 Halifax NS

Earle Smith VE6NM Feb.24/12 Grande Prairie AB

Peter Rafuse VE1PFR Feb.13/12 Middleton NS

Charles Bennett VE1MYR Feb.08/12 Mosher's Corner NS

F. Stuart Trask VE1FST Jan.27/12 Wellington NS

Elmer Naugler VE1OD Jan.26/12 Halifax NS

Louis Dauvin VE1IS Jan.25/12 Sackville NB

Laurie LeBlanc VE9OY Jan.23/12 New Maryland NB

Richard Griffith VE9ZL Jan.22/12 Waterville NB

Doug Hyslop VE9IZ Jan.10/12 Amherst NS

Gerald David' Dixon VE1BET Jan.09/12 Windsor NS

Norman Brooks VE1NEB Jan.01/12 Bedford NS


Richard Crabbe VE1APD Dec.26/11 Yarmouth NS

Wayne Mills VE1AGU Dec.24/11 Dartmouth NS

Kenneth Harrison VE1BFR Dec.17/11 Halifax NS

Arthur Chesley VE1PCD Oct.25/11 Saint John NB

Jean Frost VE9MUD Oct.21/11 Burton NB

Peter Lann VE1LAN Oct.17/11 Churchville NS

David Granter VE1DXG Oct.10/11 Liscomb NS

Sidney Butler VE1AJK Oct.09/11 Yarmouth NS

Victor D'Eon VE1AVE Sep.24/11 Bridgewater NS

Howard Urdang VE1ACJ Sep.24/11 St Stephen NB

George Turetzek VE1BZF Sep.21/11 Dartmouth NS

Charles Wayne Mitchell W1TSD Sep.05/11 Pembroke ME

Dave Wetmore VE9MEW Aug.14/11 Fredericton NB

Murray Smith

VE1VCV Jul.11/11 Villa St. Joseph du-lac

Rheal Poirier VE9RP Jul.04/11 Grand-Digue NB

George Mounce VE1CFG Jun.28/11 Avondale NS

Douglas Fraser VE1BSJ Jun.19/11 Lunenburg NS

Arthur Grant VE1EP Jun.17/11 Mahone Bay NS

Roger Christmas VE1CMR Jun.11/11 Membertou NS

Harvey Epton VE9HE Jun.11/11 Moncton NB

Duane Sears VE9DRS May17/11 Westcock NB

Clifton Stewart VE1GR May13/11 Sherwood PEI

Patrick Hughes VE1ASA May04/11 Fredericton NB

Maurice Smith VE9MO Apr.10/11 Fredericton NB

Hermel Theriault VE9HAT Apr.05/11 Edmunston NB

Edmund LeBlanc VE1EML Mar.25/11 Moncton NB

Willian Barkhouse VE1WMB Mar.12/11 Middleton NS

Ron Nixon VE9NIX Mar.10/11 Rothesay NB

John McNeil VE1JBS Mar.09/11 Shelburne NS

Herbert Bud Kingsbury VE1ZR Feb.26/11 Portuguese Cove NS

John Newman VY2EC Feb.24/11 Cornwall PEI

Philippe Gaudet VE9LP Feb.21/11 Memramcook NB

John Champion VE9AG Feb.18/11 Moncton NB

Fred Hirschfeld VE1ALV Feb.14/11 Grandville Ferry NS

Marcel Brun VE9MMB Feb.09/11 Shediac NB

Charles LeBlanc VE1SEX Jan.21/11 Lower East Pubnico NS

Edward S. Hart VE9ES Jan.13/11 Sackville NB

Lloyd Repetto VE1BD Jan.10/11 Parrsboro NS


Basil Boutilier VE1HB Dec.30/10 Sydney Mines NS

Janice Harris VE1LDY Dec.21/10 Yarmouth NS

Jack Columbus VE1XT Dec.15/10 Sydney NS

Lionel Girouard VE9AXG Dec.15/10 Minto NB

George Elvidge VE1BLF Dec.08/10 Halifax NS

Ann McGinnity VE9AM Dec.02/10 Dieppe NB

Peter Petrovitch VE1CPP Nov.25/10 Saint John NB

Wayne Lintaman VE1WDL Nov.25/10 Truro NS

Jack Kiuru VE1ZK Nov.18/10 Halifax NS

Charlie Conley VE1KX Oct.06/10 Riverview NB

William Lockhart VE1EL Sep.24/10 Waverley NS

Geoffrey Wilson VE1GW Sep.15/10 Sydney NS

Charles Daley VE9RA Sep.10/10 Saint John NB

Irene Wheaton VE1CF Sep.05/10 Parrsboro NS

Robert Dow VE9RD Aug.31/10 Durham Bridge NB

George Farrell VE9BG Aug.25/10 Fredericton NB

George Nowak VE1ACU Aug.25/10 York Mills NB

Arsene Melanson VE1AIZ Aug.23/10 Cocagne NB

John Outhouse VE1JIO Aug.14/10 Tiverton NS

Neri LeBlanc VE9CK Aug.14/10 Moncton NB

Lewis Kennedy VE1BVR Aug.04/10 Riverview NB

Frank Belliveau VE9FDB Jul.30/10 Shediac NB

Bill Brydges VE9SUN Jul.26/10 Pointe-du-Chene NB

Henry Hogg VE1HFH Jul.15/10 Barrington Passage NS

Charles Adams VE1RG Jul.10/10 Dartmouth NS

Edward Eagles VE1AGL Jun. 20/10 Amherst NS

Thomas Spearns VE1BSB Jun.19/10 Portuguese Cove NS

Thomas Fulton Stevens VE1TFS Jun.01/10 Dartmouth NS

Langis Robichaud VE1BKE May 27/10 Moncton NB

Gerald Lohnes VE1GFL May 26/10 Caledonia NS

Burt Amero VE1AMA May 25/10 Auburn NS Archives of Silent Keys

George Haney VE1LBR May 03/10 St.Stephen NB

Charles Farrell VE1NM Apr.29/10 Parrsboro NS

Lawrence Shaw VA1LS Apr.26/10 Sandford NS

George Crosby VY2GC Apr.06/10 Charlottetown PEI

Kenneth Hiltz VE1SG Mar.28/10 Berwick NS

Ray Wilson VE9WI Mar.26/10 Saint John NB

Jeannine Cote VE9YL Mar.21/10 Edmunston NB

Gary Mittelholtz VE9MZ Mar.13/10 Grand Bay-Westfield NB

Keith Mahar VE1ANC Feb.26/10 Dartmouth NS

Charles Batt VE1EU Feb.24/10 Fredericton NB

Gerald Jennex VE1GRJ Feb.21/10 Masstown NS

Walter Jones VE9SE Feb.20/10 Shemogue NB

George Barbour VE1GAB Feb.04/10 Dartmouth NS

Richard Sam Swinamer VE1SAM Feb.02/10 Digby NS

Fred Leslie VE9FL Jan.09/10 Bathurst NB

Vernon Bonvie VE1YP Jan.08/10 New Glasgow NS


Charles MacEachern VE1MCR Dec.23/09 Halifax NS

Daniel Landry VY2DL Dec.18/09 Summerside PEI

Bernard Bourque VE9BBM Dec.18/09 Shediac NB

Leland Durling

VE1WP Dec.06/09 Granville NS

Garry MacDonald VE1IL Nov.16/09 Duncan's Cove NS

Jack Meredith VY2LM Nov.10/09 Milton PEI

Francis G.Johnson VE1DR Nov.10/09 Halifax NS

John (Jack) Garrett VE1JK Oct.15/09 Amherst NS

Graham D. MacPhee VE1DMM Oct.12/09 Upper Nine Mile River

Neil Thibedeau VE1NAJ Sep.25/09 Arcadia NS

John Eric Davidson

VE1CBS Sep.09/09 Halifax NS

Benjamin Hines VE1CEK Sep.04/09 St. Peters NS

Donald Watters VE1BN Aug.09/09 Halifax NS

John Dohaney VE9PG Jul.16/09 Chipman NB

Andy Heim VE1AH Jul.08/09 Chelsea NS

Fred Simmons VE1FR Jun.09/09 Bear River NS

Harvey Winters VE1HDW Jun.03/09 Truro NS

Lawrence Zwicker VE1AKS Jun.01/09 Lower Sackville NS

Bruce Smith VE1ABC May 26/09 Amherst NS

Gary Lloyd

VE1JB May 08/09 Cambridge NS

William (Mac) Hattie VE1NL Apr.23/09 Trenton NS

John Doull VE1WC Apr.21/09 Halifax NS

Leslie Day VE1CEF Apr.19/09 White Rock BC

Ron Sivret VE9RON Apr.16/09 North Tetagouche NB

Nelson Burgoyne VE1GO Apr.14/09 Sydney Mines NS

Gary Frank Hay VE9FF Apr.02/09 Fredericton NB

Ernest O'Hara VE1AG Mar.25/09 Windsor NS

Bruce Clarke VE9YM Feb.18/09 Moncton NB

Frank Redden VE1GG Feb.15/09 Kentville NS

Watson (Randy) White

VE1WRW Feb.03/09 Bridgetown NS

Michael Holubov VE1MTH Jan.22/09 Kensington PEI

Matthew Janega VE1AGV Jan.19/09 Dartmouth NS

James Dunfield VE9PI Jan.17/09 St.Stephen NB


Ralph Shideler VE9DG Dec. 2008 Saint John NB

Peter G.Higgins VE9PGH Dec.09/08 Saint John NB

Llewellyn ( Wally ) Homer VE9WM Nov.27/08 Riverview NB

Raymond Bristol VE1TTT Nov.25/08 Amherst NS

John A. Anderson VE1JW Nov.19/08 Bridgetown NS

David J. Harrison VE1BBW Nov.15/08 Port WilliamsNS

Gertrude Weeks VE9WA Nov.11/08 Harvey Station NB

John McKendy VE9JM Oct.31/08 Douglas NB

William (Bob) Safire

VE1WLS Oct.14/08 Dartmouth NS

Robert Martin VE1RFM Sep.10/08 Edmunston NB

James Craik VE1ABQ Sep.10/08 Lunenburg NS

Walter Peters VE1BRI Aug.05/08 Saint John NB

Charles Webber VE1CAB Aug.04/08 Dartmouth NS

Virginia Langley VE1GIN Jul.27/08 Deep Brook NS

Armand F. Wigglesworth VE1US / VE1RSC Jul.20/08 Summerville Centre NS

Vernon R. Geddes VE1AJ Jul.10/08 Inverness NS

Walter Johnston VE1WAJ Jul.10/08 Dartmouth NS

Eldon Blanchard VE9CHA Jul.08/08 Saint John NB

Ronald E. Fenwick VE7VUR ex VE1VU Jul.04/08 Courtenay BC

Bob Sherwood VE1XW Jul.02/08 Moncton NB

Iris White VE1AYL Jun.27/08 Saint John NB

James P. Carmichael VE1TH Jun.12/08 Moncton NB

Eileen Veinott VE1IEV May31/08 Centre Burlington NS

John A. Brown

VE1DD Apr.16/08 Lower Sackville NS

Frank R. Simpson VE1FY Mar.30/08 NewGlasgow NS

Kenneth E. Charlton VE1KEC Mar.21/08 Annapolis Royal NS

James W. Whitman VE1AAZ Mar.21/08 Grandville Ferry NS

Frank D. Gallagher VE9TEX Mar.19/08 Moncton NB

Richard D. Shepherd VE9DS ex VE1ATG Mar.17/08 Quispamsis NB

Rene D.Poitras VE1CB Jan.31/08

Grand Falls NB